Opportunity for investment

Although we are all aware, the bad times of CRISIS we live in the present case, is a opportune time to invest in this product, por los siguientes reasons:

  • It’s about recovering “HERITAGE” , in all above cases 200 years old.
  • Are in been abandoned, since commercial production or develops new Wineries Cooperatives.
  • The generation that used and cared for, is disappearing, leaving it to heirs, engaged in other things, and live in different places, they prefer to sell.
  • Although real estate, trade has nothing to do with affecting the housing, and other types of real estate sector.
  • Current prices are low and negotiable, and their valuation list, many of them never have been transferred, and some are not even registered.
  • For wine, needless to say, that in these times when sales stagnate, is an ideal time to buy Añadas good discounts, or surplus real good year at great prices, for storage or carrying Crianzas Reservations, and keep waiting for good times.

Therefore, knowing that the Investments required, not millions, as is the case of the production Wineries. We encourage potential investors to trust us, buy the winery, the rehabilitated, put it into use, equip, and made ​​his first wine, because after a few years, and its value is multiplied see.