Landscapes of Rioja Grape Harvest time

Posted on 31 31UTC October 2012 in News | 0 comments

La Rioja is dressed in their finery for the first cold spells, which herald the approach of winter.

Mi Propia Bodega is based in Haro, which is why this post will focus on La Rioja Alta.

During the first days of October these landscapes are adorned with the most beautiful colors of autumn. Everything is tinged with ocher, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, …

It’s a treat for the eye. There is nothing better than a walk through the vineyards that supply the banks of the Ebro River and extending to Sierra Cantabria and into the valley, which separates this mountain of La Sierra Demand, the great mountain range of La Rioja.

Without detracting from the colors that bathe the different corners of La Rioja Alta, the sun, the fog and the different light rays penetrate to leave post pictures of each step we take and even make it hard to not stop to contemplate the landscape it deserves such beauty of nature.

In our journey during these months we can see people vendimiando as formerly, ie hand and a more modern machines that go over the vines pulling different grapes.

As an end to a great day we visit one of the drafts centennial of my wine cellar available for us to travel a few hundred years ago. So better understand what the culture of Rioja and you can become an active part, making it one of our drafts or wineries.

You know, if you come to this part of La Rioja at this time and enjoy stand on any corner you think is wonderful, thank you.