The Cellar of San Gregorio. Logroño, La Rioja

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The Draft of San Gregorio is one of the best known in the Denomination of Origin Rioja. This is a draft set in the capital of La Rioja, Logroño.

The draft of San Gregorio has been rehabilitated as attractive to the tourists who come to La Rioja around the culture of wine and vineyard. This is a real gem in this centennial warehouse style.

San Gregorio has more than 30 meters long and is the longest of all the drafts that are conserved in Logroño. Hence, to be known as “Deep draft”

Its location is in the old town of Logroño, its origins date back to the sixteenth century and because he has become in recent years one of the key pieces of wine tourism, we know how logroñeses of that time and stored the wine elaborated , barely drawing treatments and conditions offered them underground city.

One feature that makes it unique is that it has a well of about 7 meters deep inside, but Mi Propia Bodega features a vintage winery Draft or having a blind hole but due to land that has been deposited in sometime within the past and likely will have been used as well in the past.

The Draft of San Gregorio has needed rehabilitation barrel cellar has either rebuilt the floor with a traditional pavement. The entire lighting has changed and proceeded to a system for better acclimatization stay of tourists who come to visit.

This space has the free tour and has become a multipurpose space within culture Rioja.

My own winery has the resources and the right people to manage and rehabilitate all types of Draft or vintage winery.

Do not hesitate, call us and find out!

One of our Calados is waiting to be rehabilitated and able to perform the functions of yesteryear.

Calado de San Gregorio, Logroño, La Rioja

Calado de San Gregorio, Logroño, La Rioja