Cellars or Bodegas with centuries of history.

Posted on 19 19UTC November 2012 in News | 0 comments

Mi Propia Bodega has begun a hard but exciting path to regain equity interest saved each of these ancient caves where they originated the first wines, called “Cellars or ancient wineries.”

Some of these assets are still drafts, prepared in a traditional Rioja wine and giving it that old character to each of the wines coming out of these ancient caves. Many excavated by hand by the grandparents or great-grandparents of the current owners.

But in the worst case, these old facilities offering services for its existing cellars to store wine conditions, are being lost through lack of use, and we can say that most are in ruins or about to be.

My own winery does not want to miss this unique heritage in the world and specifically in a region better known for its wines. DOC Rioja.

From my own Bodega offer our management services, counseling, rehabilitation, investment opportunity, starting from the cellar and use the same equipment for business or private use.

Come visit us and see the possibilities that keep each of the drafts or ancient cellars. It is a unique opportunity to preserve the heritage of Rioja wine.

Calado con una barrica de más de 100 años de antiguedad

Calado con una barrica de más de 100 años de antiguedad