History of the Centenary Cellars Wineries of La Rioja

Posted on 17 17UTC September 2012 in News | 0 comments

In La Rioja wineries or cellars are centenarians, some have been undergoing various transformations and others have been forgotten. It is the latter that my own winery wants to rescue and rewrite history, giving the life of yesteryear.

Tradition in La Rioja wine goes back centuries, we talk about Roman times when these drafts or caves were dug out of the earth in its first heyday. They were used for storing the harvest, not only grapes but cereal and other products grown in that time.

Over the last 3 centuries has been an evolution in the wine world, transforming the cultivation, production and marketing.

The advent of industrialization to La Rioja makes small wineries spread and proliferate creating neighborhoods many wineries, many of them, now in ruins. This is the second golden age of these buildings centennial, which today we can see some shiny and beautiful in its setting, belong to large wineries have managed the modernity and new times.

But others have been forgotten and in ruins, having been a partner in the recent history of one of the areas most renowned for the quality of its wines worldwide. DOC Rioja.

My own winery has been aimed at recovering this unique heritage and which can not be missed. Want to be a new winemaker and winery restore a draft or centennial?

This is your chance!