Commercial Wineries for Sale

Posted on 8 08UTC November 2012 in News | 0 comments

Mi Propia Bodega wants to take another step in his rehabilitation work wineries and cellars. This new work is to incorporate our different range of wineries and antique cellars, commercial wineries. Bringing our management and advice in all fields relating to each of the wineries.

When it comes to commercial wineries, we mean building more modern wineries, which until a few years or even currently being developed his own wine. Some of these commercial wineries have their own brands of wine, ie have labels belonging to the cellar with all requirements of the DOC Rioja.

These warehouses are equipped with fermentation vessels, barrels rooms, bottling rooms, has a tasting room and machinery for the production of wines. They have acres of vineyards and even some have potential for wine tourism.

With the passage of time we will give more details of this new initiative of Mi Propia Bodega and you can go anywhere seeing the different wineries that we incorporate into the new section sale commercial wineries

Bodega comercial venta La Rioja

Bodega comercial venta La Rioja