Wineries Neighborhoods in La Rioja

Posted on 15 15UTC January 2013 in News | 0 comments

TheWineries Neighborhoods, are a fundamental part of wine culture and specifically, in this case La Rioja.

These Wineries Neighborhoods were formerly the nucleus where the noise came from these towns dedicated to winemaking. Neighborhoods were full of ambient and living , the village people worked and lived at certain times of the year, almost the whole day there.

The structure and composition of the Barrios de Bodegas were different from each other municipalities, by physical, geological and topography. Sometimes being built in the outside the site and other were dug in the ground creating the famous“Cellars”.

Hence we can see two types of wineries or drafts: Construction in hillside and plain constructions. (Hillsides, hills and plains)

In short, what is trying to get with these constructs was to provide the ideal conditions of temperature, between 13 and 15 degrees, and humidity to wines.

Innext post will tell you a bit more about the composition of these wineries and try to describe some of the Wineries Neighborhoods Most Popular in La Rioja.

My Own Winery (Mi Propia Bodega), one of his dreams is to rehabilitate one of these neighborhoods and give the old life.
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