The wine barrels.

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The origins of the current barrels, which is preserved in wine during its aging to give an identity to each wine, come from French Gaul. In Roman times, these conquered Gaul and found these great containers to ship their wines. The Gauls used it to store and transport the beer. Soon spread throughout the empire.

Then he had a few years of oblivion after the fall of the empire and was only used by monks and religious Christians.

With the advent of Europeans to America, starts extend the use of new oak. And with the appearance of the glass, the barrel goes from a shipping container to be a breeding container.

In the DOC Rioja, the first to use this vessel were the Marqués de Murrieta and Marques de Riscal in the nineteenth century. These introduce wineries use the barrels for aging their wines, obtaining excellent results in improving their wines. This practice of wine aging in barrels occurs gradually due to the barrels cost involved. Its main use is from the end of the twentieth century

For development of the barrels timber have been used for many types: pine, beech, cherry, chestnut, ash, acacia and fir. Although the most widespread was the oak. This wood gives the wine flavor and aroma.