New Year New Life.

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Mi Propia Bodega has plans for you all. How many of you have ever dreamed not turn you into a winemaker or develop one of the most rated wines in every sector guides?

Mi Propia Bodega wants to help them achieve those dreams or at least introduce you squarely in this world as exciting as is the wine.

As we all know, from Mi Propia Bodega we carry rehabilitate drafts with centuries of history and modern winerybut you still have to give a lot of joy to their new owners, who want to start their business with us.

Mi Propia Bodega has a dream and that dream is to see how theold neighborhoods of wineries and cellars which are distributed along the peoples La Rioja and La Rioja Alavesa from regaining life of yesteryear.

Mi Propia Bodega gives you the ability to make your own wine at the household or in a more commercial. We adapt to each and every one of our clients, to their demands and needs. We handle all the paperwork for the sale of drafts, conduct negotiations with municipalities and other entities that are in the way to get to get the sleep you pursue each of you.

In this new year 2013 invest in something unique, Mi Propia Bodega with his winemakerwill make your wine, a special broth. And not only that!!!
turn your cellar or winery more than a century old in a pleasant place to spend many unforgettable moments with your family.

If you’re looking to go a little further in your career, you’re with the right team. We’ll help you get make one of the best wines of the moment, a warehouse remodel commercial begin to make a name in the wine industry, you will manage all papers and grants, we will give you tips, …

Call or contact us and see all that we can do for you.

Happy 2013